Why use Wood Pellet for Home Heating

Wood Pellet Fuel is a fraction of cost of fossil fuel.Wood Pellet It’s a renewable resource, thats available on a countrywide basis.

Wood pellet heating systems do not contribute to ozone levels and are considered to be carbon Neutral. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted on combustion of biomass is taken up by new plant growth, resulting in zero net emissions of CO2 – bioenergy is considered to be carbon neutral.

However, it should be remembered that there are some net CO2 emissions associated with bioenergy when looked at on a life cycle basis – emissions from fossil fuels used in cultivation / harvesting / transport of the biomass. These are generally small compared to the CO2 avoided by displacing fossil fuels with energy from biomass.

Wood pellets are easy to ship, delivered in compact bags to your home.

No tree is ever cut down for commercial pellet production. Instead, Wood pellets are Manafactured from forest industry waste wood. And the raw fibre supply in Ireland is solid and strong.

Automatic feed systems on the new state-of-the-art Wood pellet Boilers and stoves mean less work for the operator.

Wood pellet costs are stable, and not subject to the whims of foreign producers.

Wood pellets burn at a very high temperature, eliminating the waste product so often associated with wood heat. In fact, a 20Kg bag of pellets produces only three ounces of ash.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has endorsed wood pellet heat as one of the cleanest-burning, most renewable energy sources on Earth.