Wedding Stationery Printing

Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery Printing for that big day

Wedding stationary printing is a specialized area that makes your wedding a memorable experience. The wedding stationery is available for many wedding related occasions and events. The wedding stationery becomes more significant as there are many options available for it which can confuse the wedding couple. There are many types of wedding stationery available that will make your wedding plans easier and more elegant. The wedding stationery printing must be done through some reputable printers so that you don’t need to edit it repeatedly. This will also avoid any wastage of time and you can be assured of the best wedding stationery pieces.

Types of wedding stationery printing

The wedding stationery printing is done in different manners and styles.
Some of the methods of wedding stationery printing which are extremely popular include:

• Engraved Wedding Stationery:
The engraved wedding stationery is the most common and popular style of wedding stationery printing. This high end printing uses the expertise of the hand engravers for the perfect engraving. Mostly copper plate is used which makes it a bit costlier. The engraved wedding stationery has a combination of definition and fine resolution. The richness of the image is eye-catching. Most of the people go for engraved wedding stationery for the unique printing experience.

• Thermographic Wedding Stationery: The thermographic wedding stationery is printed by raising the texts using thermography i.e. heat. This type of wedding stationery printing is quite cheaper than the engraved wedding stationery as it doesn’t require copper plate. If printed with better thermographic process, then the stationery will resemble engraved printing.

• Letterpress Wedding Stationery: The letterpress wedding stationery is extremely popular as it gives a stunningly clear tactile effect. It debosses or indents the image into a card or soft surface.

• Vellum Wedding Stationery: Vellum wedding stationery gives an elite look to the wedding stationery and wedding invitations. You can use plain vellum or patterned vellum according to your choice. The vellum paper can be used as an insert for the wedding invitation. It can also be over printed as wedding invitations.

The wedding stationery pieces
Once you have decided what type of wedding stationery printing you want, you can go for the following wedding stationery pieces.

• Save the date card or wedding announcement card: This wedding stationery piece announces the impending wedding so that they can keep themselves available to attend it.

• Wedding invitation: This is the main card that is sent to the guests for the actual wedding ceremony. This wedding stationery includes the reception venue and the dress code also.

• RSVP card: This card is usually sent with the wedding invitation as a response card that the guests reply to the host. It tells whether the guest will be attending or not and how many members will attend the wedding.

• Small multipurpose card: This card can be used as a map, direction card, registry card etc.

• Thank you card: This card is sent by the newly married couple to all the guests who have graced their wedding.

It is always a good idea to print all the stationery pieces in same design and material for better impact. The wedding stationery printing can make your wedding stationery unique and exclusive.

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