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Five questions to ask yourself if you need a Website Redesigned

Targeted traffic is vital to a website if it is to survive, let alone sell its products. It is only when targeted traffic is driven steadily to a website that it can build a customer base and generate sales.

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However, if targeted traffic is not coming to the website, then something must be wrong, it may be necessary to do a website redesign.

When Does Website Redesign Become Necessary?
The one reason why targeted hits are not being made on a website is that there could be something wrong with the way it was designed.

Thus, website redesign may be a project that the website’s owners ought to undertake. In working on website design, there are some elements that the team handling this should look at.

To get the website’s design right this time around, they need to ask themselves these five questions.

Is the website attractive enough to grab visitor attention?
Attractiveness on a website is more than it having a pretty layout.  When a visitor finds a use for a website and a reason to continue visiting it, then he or she will bookmark the website and go back to it, perhaps on a regular basis.

Does the website appeal to its targeted audience?
If a website is focusing on a specific audience, then the website redesign should be made to suit the tastes of the majority of that audience.  A tech website should look techie enough to gain the respect of geeks; a fashion website should be glossy enough to draw the attention of fashionistas; and so on.

Is the website’s content informative and well-written?
One major factor that can turn a visitor off on a website is if its content is considered to be junk.
Junk content means content that is badly written, has no value and does not offer clear information.
Inclusion of good articles and other content must be a top consideration in website redesign.

Does the website appear trustworthy and credible?
By just looking at a website, would a visitor feel that its owner can be trusted and is true to what he or she says?
To add credibility and trustworthiness to a website, a website redesign should have a portion for including features like testimonials and perhaps a money-back guarantee aside from well-written content.

Is the website easy to use?
Visitors enjoy browsing through a website that is easy to use, easy to navigate through and loads fast.
People tend to turn to other websites if the previous website they have gone to have broken links,
hard-to-find navigation panes and loads very slowly.  If loading is a problem and there are a lot of pictures and animation on the website, perhaps the graphic elements of the website could be trimmed down when it goes through a website redesign.

For a website to gain the attention and respect that it needs from its visitors, perhaps it is necessary to

revisit the way its elements are brought together and do a website redesign.

Thanks the Techstore Team