Website Promotion

Five basic website promotion strategies 

Now that you have developed and uploaded your website and that you have made sure that everything about it is balanced, tested and optimized, what do you do next?

The next logical step that comes after website development is website promotion. Website promotion is essential to the existence of a website, especially a website that works as an online storefront.

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If no one is visiting your website, how can you sell your products and services? With the right website promotion strategies, you can be assured that there will be human readers looking at your website.

Starting Out with Website Promotion
So how can you take care of the website promotion needed for your site?

Here are the five basic steps that you need to deal with to get your website promotion done effectively.

Target the right traffic
You must attract the attention of the right people who will find your website relevant.
To be able to do this, you must know what your website’s niche is.
If you are selling bridal gowns and accessories, you have to target brides-to-be and their mothers.
A little research using a search engine will guide you to the forums and resources that your targeted visitors go to.
If these forums and resources are not your competitors, you can do website promotion with them.

Write and promote Articles
Write articles about your niche and submit them to article directories with links to your website included.  Article marketing is an effective means of doing website promotion.
You do not have to be a professional writer to be able to come up with your own articles.
Simple, straightforward write-ups would do.

But if you are really not confident about your own writing, you can always hire someone to do the writing for you.

Release a regular newsletter
Put up a simple newsletter and invite your visitors to sign up to get this newsletter for regular updates about your products and services.  A newsletter tells your client base all the new things that are going on with your website, your products and your services.  It is a good hook that can keep your visitors coming back to your website.

Exchange links
Exchanging links with other webmasters whose websites are not exactly competitors but are nonetheless relevant to your website may help in your efforts towards website promotion.  Search engines like Google look at the other websites that link to you in ranking your website.  The catch here is that you have to be careful in choosing whom to exchange links with.  Never link with a link farm because it is only going to pull you down.  Link only with credible websites.

Focus on the local market
Let us say you are selling wedding dresses and you are located in Dublin, Ireland
As much as you will be able to get a global reach with your website, it is more likely that your sales will be generated from the market in your local area, When working on your website promotion,
go local first before moving outward.

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