Water Detection Systems

We supply and install a range of water detection systems for your home or business.

Water detection systems are extremely important for the detection of water
or oil leakages in your household or business unit.  With a continuous alarm
monitoring system put in place, these water detection systems notify you
regarding any  potential water or oil leakage threat leading to a quick control
and reaction. In case of a smaller facility, the water detection system can be
single point detector that has a water sensor fitted in a utility closet. In case
of large facilities a robust system containing water leak detection cable,
distant read panels, and spot detectors should be installed.
This is to cover the entire area of the facility and prevent potential water leakage risks.

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Main benefits of Water Detection Systems

These water detection systems provide many useful features making them a comprehensive liquid leakage detection appliance.  They can detect potential leakages very early and trigger the alarm for adequate protection and response. At the control centre,  the messages sent out along with the location details are of immediate nature when the leakage has been detected.

This helps in minimizing downtime leading to reduction in financial risk. These water detection systems provide cost effective solutions at great prices with real time alarm monitoring features as well.

Some of the potential areas within any facility that might require these water detection systems include
condensation drains,  chilled water piping, toilet drains, roofs, basement, and overhead pipe runs. These areas and similar ones need to be monitored to make sure that everything goes on smoothly within the facility.

These water detection systems are extremely important for mission critical sites like healthcare facilities, storage houses, data centers and similar kind of sites with technical equipment with the aim of preventing damage to appliances or objects due to water leakage.

Choosing Water Detection Systems
Depending on the area of the facility, it is important to install either spot detectors or complete zonal
detection systems  for detection of any kind of water or liquid leakages. The spot detectors are mainly used for leakage sensing at a single point in the facility. Particularly locations, which are vulnerable to leakages, but not spread across the entire facility, should make use of spot detectors.

The spot detectors are useful in locations such as air conditioning drip pans,
small rooms, and floor drains. Two liquid detector probes in such detectors
help to detect the leakage in the installed location. The spot detector
is also connected to a control module. This helps in receiving audible and
visual annunciations for any kind of water leakages in that location.

The zonal system detectors using cables are spread across the entire facility and such type of water detection system is particularly useful for large locations. The cables used in such type of detectors provide good floor area coverage particularly for large and well spread out facilities. These water detection systems can be zone based as well looking after a particular area of the facility. All the zonal based detectors are controlled through a central control unit that can keep a check on the information exchange for the entire facility.

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