Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy refers to a way we can generate and use
energy that is more efficient and less harmful to the environment.

Another way of explaining sustainable energy is that it will allow us to meet our present energy needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We can do this by being more efficient in how we use energy in our daily lives and also by increasing the amount of energy that we get from renewable sources such as the wind, the sun, rivers and oceans.

What are the benefits of sustainable energy?

The good news is that being sustainable in how you use energy has immediate benefits:

  • It will save you money on your electricity and heating bills
  • Your home will be more comfortable and convenient
  • And you will also be making a vital contribution to reducing climate change.
  • Believe it or not,the small actions you take to be more energy efficient in your home can have a very significant impact on improving the environment.
  • The collective efforts of individuals can often be the most powerful of all.

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