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Use Stickers to Reach out to your Audience

Stickers have come a long way from just being the items for decoration and labeling. They have emerged as an innovative tool for marketing and advertising. To improve the brand image and also to promote identity, many businessmen prefer stickers over other means. The colorful stickers and labels, with effective graphic and logo has become the integral part of businesses now.

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Advantages of Stickers and Labels

Although there are many marketing and advertising tools available,
people still prefer settling for stickers and labels because of many reasons.

• Stickers are different than other marketing tools.
People are familiar with brochures, posters and flyers but the colorful stickers
leave them behind due to their convenient handling and originality.
• There is less number of people using stickers for marketing. Therefore the stickers are easily noticeable.
• Stickers are comparatively cheap and therefore they are affordable. They keep the marketing budget in check.

Types of stickers available

There are many types of stickers available to choose from. The major types of stickers used are:
• Flexible stickers: It is used to put around curved objects. These flexible stickers are mostly made up of litho stock with added latex.
• Bumper stickers: They are made with vinyl or plastic for durability and weather proving.
• The scrapbook and card making stickers: They are manufactured with foils to give metallic looks.

Tips for successful marketing through stickers

The sticker marketing follows the traditional methods for distribution i.e. viral marketing. Viral marketing implies that the sticker is well made to spread the name of the brand like a virus. To make sticker marketing effective, one must try the following:
• Try and combine your main message and the brand message for effective marketing.People will use the sticker if it has attitude and pride of its own. The stickers should directly speak what the user wishes to hear.
• Use die-cut stickers that snugly fit on the equipment it is supposed to fit in. If you want the sticker to fit on the gas caps or helmets, it should be of exact size and dimensions, otherwise no one will use it.
• The idea that you wish to convey must be easily understood by the audience. A unique design and idea can always play the vital role. But if you don’t want to experiment, then you can always go with the popular concepts that have been previously used.
• The stickers will bear the brunt of weather a lot and hence, it should be printed for longevity and durability. The ink and the material used for printing must be of high quality so that it looks new and fresh even after a long exposure.
• The design of the sticker must be aesthetically appealing, only then it will serve its purpose. Powerful color combination and design can draw the attention of people more effectively.
• The message that is printed on the sticker also plays an important role in its success.
The message has to be such that it is easily remembered. The rhyming words or repeating words can improve the recall value of the marketing brand.

To perpetuate the product among your existing and prospective customers, a powerful sticker or
label turns out to be one of the best methods of marketing.

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