Staff Fire Training

Staff fire training is an important part of an employer’s obligation to the personnel working in any facility related to the business.

This includes educating the staff about all the Fire hazards present to them while working in that facility. It is mandatory for the business to inform their personnel regarding the level of risk that they could be
exposed to in case of a fire.

This is particularly important for facilities where fire hazard poses a significant challenge. The staff fire training should be repeated as and when any new guidelines are introduced for the health and safety of the personnel.

The changes in risk associated with fire safety should be told to the employees. Staff fire training should inform the personnel regarding things to do in event of a fire occurring within the facility and the way to react when the fire alarm is triggered. Suitable exit points should be present and well marked within the facility.

In case of a fire incident of large proportion, the personnel working in that facility should have knowledge about the various ways to escape. In addition to this, it is necessary for the business establishment to ensure that their staff is well aware of the basic fire safety requirements.

Types of Staff Fire training

The staff fire training courses revolve around concepts of fire awareness and management of fire  safety. Designating certain personnel within the staff as fire marshals does help control and manage
all the personnel in that location. In the event of a fire, these fire marshals known to their fire management team either help to control the fire or manage the personnel under them and prevent any kind of panic situation. These fire marshals find out the best possible way to exit and take other
staff members to safety.

In the staff fire awareness course all the personnel working in the facility are provided with training on techniques to reduce the fire and actions to be taken when a fire alarm is triggered. These staff members are also taught the necessary things that need to be done on discovering a fire. The instructors delivering these courses are highly qualified with requisite experience in fire prevention and safety techniques.

Key Concepts of Staff Fire Training Courses

Through these staff fire training courses the staff members are taught the operational procedure for using the fire extinguisher. They are made aware of the various standards, color-coding, and extinguisher capabilities.

The staff members are made to go through a mandatory health and safety briefing session telling them to watch out for certain key signs to determine fire and raise an alarm. Once this is done, staff members are put through fire action routines testing their knowledge about the things learnt during the course using situational practice techniques.

The staff members are also shown the exact way of using a fire blanket by dousing the fire on a dummy object. The basic focus of the staff fire-training course is to combine theoretical knowledge with practice in similar situational set up, to make everyone in the business facility understand the need for fire safety.

The Techstore Team