Solar Energy Systems

We provide a comprehensive range of Solar Energy systems and specialise in Solar Water Heating Systems.

Solar Energy Systems

Our consultancy Services Includes the following:

Informing you of the various options which are available to you in the area
of Solar Energy.
Doing an extensive survey your building.
Providing you with a written proposal with full details of the recommended system.
Assisting you with your grant application.
Installing your system.
Servicing and supporting it afterwards.

Our systems will add value to your property, save on your energy bills and improve the environment.

Solar Water Heating

Heating water is the second largest energy use in typical households
Solar water heaters can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home here in Ireland.

We offer complete Solar water heating solutions for your home. With the latest “evacuated tube” and “flat panel” solar energy technology, you can be assured it will meet your water heating needs through out the year.

With the latest solar energy technology available you can heat water all year round even on an over cast day,
saving you money on expensive water heating costs. Solar Energy systems as Solar Panels are placed in the optimum location on your property by our highly trained engineers which guarantees you receive all your water heating needs throughout out the year.

Evacuated Tubes
The latest Solar Energy technology comes in the form of the “evacuated tube”. Each one looks like long fluorescent lamps and consists of two glass tubes constructed from borosilicate glass which is of extremely strong construction. This Innovative design features an extremely high amount of solar radiation absorption. The tubes are fused together and the air within the area between the layers of glass is expelled while exposing the tube to extremely high temperatures.

The Solar Energy system is supplied and installed on a building with relative ease and is normally mounted on the
roof of the property with no environmental impacts.