Silk Screen Printing Service

Silk Screen Printing or Screen Printing is a decorative technique where a direct impact stencils made out of cloth or wire mesh.

This type of printing is popular for t-shirts but works for other purposes as sweatshirts, mouse pads, stickers, binders and much more. The secret to silk screening is clogging up the mesh in the right place and squeezing the right amount of ink through the rest.

If your needs are to produce a large amount of screen printed items, we will prefer to invest in screen printing equipment that is fast, efficient and automated. People generally prefer silk screen printing due to certain advantages.

  • Screens with aluminium frames last much longer than wooden frames which wrap after repeated washings.
  • Another factor is the mesh count which shows the tightness of the weave in the mesh fabric of the screen.

We provide large format, multi-color, full-service screen printing to its customers. You can create screen stencils in a variety of ways and produce print in different ways. Gain more profit without larger investment. Silk Screen printing is a very flat medium, so images that are starkly contrasted work best.

If you compare with other companies, then you can understand that our screen printing service is best in the industry.  You just give us your order quantity according to your requirement and let our experts provide your output.

Our development team can verse you in the language allowing you to enter into the operational process with pace.

In association with our friends over at the Printing Specialists we offer Silk Screen Printing Services.

Thanks the techstore team