Show Cards

Showcare your Brand through Exclusive Show Cards

Show cards are the tools of business marketing that can be used in quite a number of ways. The show cards can be created in any shape and size according to the requirement of the business house. Show cards can showcase the brand image of your company in a better way. The show card defies all constraints of marketing and proves to be an effective means to advertisement.

Different kinds of Show Cards

There are many kinds of show cards that are available for marketing purposes. These include flyers, postcards, comment cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, menus etc. The materials that are used in show cards include different types of paper, silk, glass, vinyl etc

• Flyers are kind of show cards that are used to highlight the key areas of the brand. The message must be well bulleted with little narrative. The brand logo should be clearly visible for effectual marketing.
• Post cards are sent to the existing and prospective customers to update them on any new development or promotional offer. The postcards are to be designed keeping in mind the image of the brand. The postcards can be customized according to the business needs.

• Comment cards are used for getting comments and feedbacks from the customers.
Comment cards not only help the business to improve their products and services but also help in building the mailing list for further marketing.

• Discount cards are provided by the company as promotional offers. These cards remind the customer about the company whenever they check out the offered discounts. These discount cards are retained by the customer for a long time so that they should be printed on thick sheets.

• Loyalty cards help you to retain your customers as they feel cared for and pampered. The benefits that are offered to the loyal customers can boost your business manifold. The loyalty cards can be quarter folded cards with some exquisite design on it, which can be later used by the clients for their personal use.
• Menu cards are one of the multipurpose cards that can be effectively used for not only offering the menu but also to make a brand statement. The menu card can have an exclusive design you’re your special customers.

Tips for Printing exclusive Show Cards

To make the show cards valuable, one must keep a few things in mind.
• The show cards must be printed on good quality material for longevity and quality.
• Use exclusive show cards if you are trying to impress more people.
• The material used for the show cards will determine the amount of business that you get. Silk or hand made paper
cards will show the impeccable taste and brand image.

• The loyalty cards can be designed in different designs for more impact.
For example if you are marketing a wine brand, then the show card can be designed in the shape of a Champaign bottle or a beer mug. Beside these, you can also print some useful message on the show cards with your brand promotion.

This will serve many purposes and your company will receive additional promotion. Show cards are the affordable and comparatively cheap means of advertisement and marketing.

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