Renewable Energy

renewable-energyTraditional uses of renewable energy by way of wind, water, and solar energy are being used more commonly in the western world and developing countries in Africa .

Electricity production using renewable energy has become much greater recently.
The more use of renewable energy reflects the major threat of climate change due to pollution, and the knowledge that fossil fuels will be exhausted in our life time, if not our Children’s.

Sources of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy flows come from sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat. Each of these renewable energy sources influences how and where they are used. The majority of renewable energy get their energy from the Sun. Solar energy is also used by hydroelectric power plants, and for the creation of biofuels or green energy.

With Up to 5 MW of power being produced by wind turbines business ‘owners are seeing the benefits of renewable energy and are converting in large numbers. Wind energy the fastest growing of the renewable energies.
High mountains are the preferred locations for wind farms.

Renewable energy from water in the form of wave motion can be harnessed and used.

As water is approximately a thousand times denser than air, even a stream of water, or mild sea swell, can make
large amounts of energy. Renewable Energy from water comes in the form of hydroelectric energy for high-production hydroelectric dams. Wave power uses the energy in waves. The waves make large pontoons in the water to go up and down generating power. Wave power is now being used by Business’s World Wide.

We offer you a number of choices in the area of Renewable Energy Generation , We supply and install a number of renewable energy solutions including Biomass Energy systems such as our Wood Pellet Boilers or our Wood Pellet Stoves we also offer wind Energy solutions such as Wind Turbines as well as Solar energy solutions such as our solar water heating systems.

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