Remote CCTV Monitoring

What is Remote CCTV Monitoring?

The use of remotely monitored CCTV is getting increasingly CCTV-System
common as many public sectors, commercial and even domestic sites have found how effective it is in deterring potential criminal activity, such as theft, trespassing, shoplifting and burglary.

The CCTV camera security systems, being an advance surveillance system, helps monitor place and maintain the security at all times.

Why use CCTV monitoring?

Remote CCTV monitoring helps detect and prevent crime before it happens — this reduces potential losses
and minimises insurance claims.

Making that switch from traditional manned security guards – and static cameras with on-site recording –
to remotely monitored CCTV system, which offers around the clock protection, will help effectively cut costs
by more than 50 percent. In addition to that, it offers a boost of security standards in your premises.

In the event of any criminal activity, the recording from the CCTV can be presented as a legal proof. Therefore, high resolution cameras are of the utmost importance to allow the capturing of clear images for identification purposes.

Advantages of system

Deter criminals
When you have a visible presence of remote CCTV , it creates a crime-free zone that
will deter potential criminals from approaching your premises
– knowing that they will be under surveillance.

24-hour protection
Just because your business runs from 9 – 5 it doesn’t mean the protection starts and stops there.
The use of remote CCTV Monitoring allows you to provide 24-hour security, where experienced CCTV operators man the control room. When they see a developing situation that threatens the premises, they will quickly react to stop the problems before they escalate.

Cost Savings
Using remotely monitored CCTV costs a fraction of what your company spends for mobile patrols and security guards. There’s no questioning the improved overall efficiency that you will experience in security management.

Reduce Human Error Risks
With CCTV system, you can avoid the risks of human error – as you may experience when you rely solely on human security guards. The system will never fall asleep on the job and you can have more peace of mind knowing that there are highly skilled and specially trained operators keeping your premises safe.

How it works
Remotely monitored CCTV works by connecting motion detectors to the cameras installed in and around your premises.
These cameras are linked by high speed internet to 24-hour remote monitoring control centre. If the camera or motion sensor detects any movement, the images will be captured and sent to the response centre. These images will be further probed by the trained operators. The operators will issue an audio warning to any trespasser or intruder via the onsite speakers. If deems necessary, they will alert the emergency services which will then provide a priority response.

Examples of uses of system

For stores, shops, and malls
Installing CCTV camera in stores, shops and malls helps increase security. Equip your business with
this great arsenal that can prevent those shoplifters from walking away unnoticed with unpaid
merchandises. The footage can be presented as evidence against criminals and shoplifters.

Protect property
The CCTV camera can be installed to monitor your property 24 hours – every minute of the day. Prevent
theft, defacement, vandalism and more by making the camera system visible to deter potential trouble

Customised solutions
The remotely monitored CCTV system is perfect to be installed as well in factory, work place, business
premises and many more. That’s the beauty of the remote CCTV system, because it can be tailored to
meet your needs for enhanced security.

The Techstore Team