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We offer a most reliable, fast and efficient, not to mention professional, pc support.
We invite you to read on to start understanding why we are saying so and boasting about it!!

We are sure you know what it means to have your computer fail you when you have that important
assignment to finish, or those documents you need for your meeting. Even when you’re enjoying yourself
playing a game you like so much or listening to the latest song you got, it’s really annoying to have
your pc stalling, crushing or the sort just in those fine moments.

Don’t worry, all you need is to have any of our contact details handy and let us know about your problem,
we’ll definitely tackle your annoyance at the earliest so you can get back to your work or entertainment.

The experienced staff forming our pc support team can help you out in literally any computer problem
imaginable, and numerous years of previous experience have made sure that you receive the finest
professional services in all your needs.

Our pc support section can make your pc experience much easier both at home and at your work place,
offering a wide selection of services catering for all possible requirements.
Computer repairs and upgrades are an everyday duty for our team as are pc hardware
/ components’ repairs and installation. We also provide software solutions such as installations,
configuration and troubleshooting.

As you can see we are here to help you enjoy your computer experience to the maximum,
in the most relaxed way possible. Our pc support is a professional service brought to you by
certified technicians and if that wasn’t enough, we also offer incredibly competitive rates which
are not usually matched by such high quality services as ours.

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So go ahead, we suggest you write down our contact details where it is most handy and add our
web site to your favourites. This way you will always be sure to be just minutes away from your
solution to any problem your computer or any of its components and peripherals might have.

Whatever you need, from the simplest service at home, on your pc, or a full peace of mind pc support
service for your company or business, our team will always be your best choice for your problem solving.
And now we even offer a computer modding service, where we can customise and decorate your computer
as per your request or on our creative choice. All necessary parts and decors involved are also available
to purchase from us should you require or you can provide your own.

Contact us in any way you prefer and your computer will be grateful you did, with us he will be in his best form.

Contact Details:
Call our Mobile technicians on 087 7779858

Thanks the Techstore Team