Lithograph Printing


Lithograph Printing

has been in existence for many years now and its use is essential.
The technology around this industry has been improving nearly every day and we have kept pace.

Lithograph Printing or offset involves the use of heavy machinery each
performing in intricate act in the linkage process, delivering the final product.

Our designers are familiar with this process and can help you in the generation of top quality lithograph products. We can produce nearly any conceivable design and on nearly any material. Lithograph Printing is a process and with the experience are team have we can assure you that your needs will be meet. We bring the process from design to print to finish to you at affordable prices and at an effective rate.

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Lithograph Printing is what we specialize in and rest assured, you have come to the right place. We will be happy to cater for all your lithograph needs.

Lithograph printing is one of the most widely used and efficient printing and is familiar to every body through newspaper and magazines where half-tone images are used. It is considered as one type of surface printing.

This type of printing process makes use of the miscibility of grease and water. It has taken a large share of all printing, packaging and publishing, more than twice the percentage produced by any other single printing process.

We can produce nearly any possible design and on nearly any material and our professionals have plenty of experience and knowledge from working with lithographic and off-set printing.

Lithographs differ from other fine art prints by etchings, engravings, serigraphs and woodcuts in materials and process. In lithograph printing, the artist directly participates in the creation of the image and approves all impressions by signing and numbering each print.

With the offset lithograph printing, the lithography can be done in a much easy way unlike the older forms of printing, where images were carved into a printing block, then coated with ink and pressed against paper or cloth. We provide the entire service from design to print at affordable prices and at an effective rate.

This kind of offset printing can offer you further customization in your digital lithograph print jobs. You just give the detailed information as per your requirement and the next responsibility goes to the printing company to provide you the output.

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