IT Consultants

Every environment nowadays, whether it’s back at home or
at your working place, contains several items that fall under
the IT (Information Technology) section.

We can say that in the present days our lives are
literally run by computerised, electronic or
networked systems and congenialities.

Everywhere you turn you find or need an ‘IT’ product to pass on
to the following step.
We offer a reliable and prompt IT consultation service that will
help you implement, adapt and walk through any
IT individual equipment or full structure.

With vast years of experience behind their backs, our IT consultants have
assisted in industrial scale projects with immaculate success and meanwhile
kept a solid relationship even with our home users and small business clients.

Thinking about installing a telephony system at the office or maybe just connect your home pc to the internet?
Want to install a digital punch clock and metering system? A video conferencing or a large scale network is
what you are looking for? We could go on for ages; all this and any other IT related question can be
answered by our IT consultants.

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Our IT consultants can assist in designing, structuring and implementing a complete networked
environment involving video conferencing, telephone system, a group of computers and obviously
a server including a shared access point for internet connection, from start to finish.

Even if you are in the trade yourself, our IT consultation service will prove useful for you too.
Call or mail us now to see for yourself what great benefits we provide through our IT consultants.
If you’re having problems back home with any IT related subject we will also be more than happy to assist you,
no matter how simple or complicated your needs might be. Your pc, phone, internet connection and
related software, home electronics and general gadgets, no matter what, you name it we do it.
Add our site to your favourites without any delay; you will be amazed how handy it is to a group
of IT experienced professionals at hand. Your life in the new electronic age will be much simpler and friendlier.

Knowing your way around any IT related item is always convenient, and by keeping our contact details
handy you can facilitate this process even further. Let our IT consultants, backed by their experience
and proficiency, help you out with your projects, structures or just a standalone item.

Subjects catered for by IT consultants include but are not limited to :

PABX/Telephony Systems | Network Systems | Computers & Hardware including Servers
| Software Applications | Video Phones & Conferencing Systems
Internet Services and products | Security & Identification | Web Sites’ Construction |
Maintenance & Optimization | Private & Commercial Installations
Custom Software & Hardware | Industrial and Corporate Services | Supplied together with Support and much more.

Thanks the Techstore Team