Intruder Alarms

Intruder theft and criminal damage is a threat and cost
to Home owners and Business.

Electronic intruder detection systems can
provide cost-effective protection and act
as a deterrent to intruders while alerting staff and police.
An Intruder alarm specialist will work in the design and
installation of many types of Intruder Alarm Systems,
from the small residential systems to the larger
commercial and industrial systems.

Intruder Alarm and Detection systems for your home
Home Intruder Alarms can be both hardwired and wireless systems.
These systems have advanced movement detectors and they substantially
increase immunity to false alarms to ensure that you maintain Police response.

There is also a range of door, window and shutter contacts,
and alternative detectors including vibration, sound and break-glass
sensors for a system that will provide complete protection for your home.

These systems can also include:

Light Control
Light Control Systems automatically switch lights on when someone approaches a
protected area. A useful deterrent for unwanted visitors and a convenient one for welcome
ones. Units are weatherproof with long and short range sensors.

Panic Buttons
Personal attack systems incorporating panic buttons generate a rapid response in the event
of a personal attack, even in large buildings. Receivers are individually identified allowing fast
location of the incident.

Servicing & Maintenance
These business will provide a dedicated, highly qualified team of installation and
service engineers who provide nation-wide coverage for
scheduled and emergency servicing and maintenance.

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