Interesting facts about Geothermal Energy

With the increasing cost to our environment with the burning of fossil fuels and our commitment to the Kyoto Protocol renewable energy is beginning to take a more center stage in the world today as the need to replace the depleting fossil fuel reserves continues.

The answer lies beneath our feet in the form of geothermal energy. The geothermal energy is drawn from beneath the ground by a heat pump which increases the temperature to use for home heating. Geothermal heat pumps can also be installed to harvest heat energy from nearby ponds, streams and wells.

The difference between using geothermal energy to heat your home as opposed to
fossil fuels is that, you are moving a heat source from one location and placing it into your home.

This will have huge savings in the life span of the geothermal energy pump’s.
SEI estimate that a savings of €20,000 could be achieved during the geothermal heat pumps lifespan.

The geothermal pump requires electricity to run but is far more efficient than
conventional heating systems with 400% more efficiency than a fossil fuel equivalent.

The main source of energy usage in Ireland is from home heating making
it the biggest contributor of CO2 emissions. Geothermal energy is
renewable source of energy and after the initial investment you will
be guaranteed a free source of energy for your Home.

Thanks the Techstore Team