Information on Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy has been around since the beginning of time and
utilized to cook and bath from the hot Geothermal Energy System springs or geysers.

Today geothermal energy is used throughout the world to great effect
and efficiency to heat our homes and provide electricity.

Geothermal Energy is a renewable energy source.

The earths core or the engine from where the geothermal energy originates from,
super heats water that is under ground or springs that are located under
ground is pumped to the surface using heat pumps where the heated
water is used as space heating or providing electricity.

It is then pumped back down to the well where
it is re-heated to start the process again.

The first uses of geothermal energy dates back to the early twentieth century
and it was used to produce electricity. For 50 years the generation of electricity
from geothermal energy was confined to Italy and interest in this technology
was slow to spread elsewhere. Iceland was the first country to adapt a large
scale use of geothermal energy in 1943 and presently leads the
way in terms of percentage used throughout Iceland.

Under the earth’s surface geothermal energy occurs in different forms with
hydrothermal being the most commonly used. Research is presently
being carried out to examine the use of hydrothermal energy
to power electricity power stations.

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