How does Geothermal Energy Work

Geothermal Energy comes from the heat within the earth. The word “geothermal”
comes from the Greek words geo, meaning earth,” and therme, meaning “heat.”
Geothermal energy is used throughout the world to heat homes and make electricity.

When molten rock seeps near the surface or (molten lava when it surfaces)
where the crust has been damaged or broken, water is super heated from
the molten rock and it can then be used as a source of geothermal energy for
space heating or producing electricity. Geothermal Energy is a renewable
source of energy as the water used is pumped back down to the source
of the geothermal energy where it is heated again and pumped to the surface again.

Most of the earth is capable of producing geothermal heat for use as a viable energy source.

Hydrothermal, geopressured, hot dry rock and magma are the different types of
geothermal energy available but due to little development, hydrothermal is the main one in use today.