Home Heating Controls

ENTECH can provide you with all Home Heating Control devices for optimizing the energy efficiency Home Heating Controls of your home. The points to monitor and control are fuel or heating media metering, the temperature and humidity control etc.

The purpose is to optimize the usage by regulating;

  • When the heating should turn on
  • How warm it should be
  • What minimum space humidity would be acceptable
  • What is the level of indoor air quality acceptable?
  • The areas that need heating
  • When the boiler or stove should should turn on.

Benefits of Home Heating Controls

The optimization of the above listed aspects will save at least 17% of your home heating energy consumption. Using of condensing boiler can save up to 40% of your current energy bills. The installation of proper Home Heating Controls alone is not going to cut down your energy consumption. It is also important to set and use properly your controls.

What should be the minimum components in a set of Home heating control?

The basic components would be;

  • A programmable Timer
  • A room thermostat
  • A room humidity stat
  • A hot water storage cylinder thermostat
  • Thermostatic radiator valve


  • Programmable Timer- With the programmable Timer you will be able to set when you need the heating system or hot water should come in and also go off. As you would be switching on the energy consuming devices only when needed your energy consumption will be reduced.Room Thermostat
  • The room thermostat is an important component in the heating system. Excessive heating or too little heating both are equally not acceptable for Home comfort conditions. The room thermostat will cut-in and cut-off or override the set timer program if the necessity arise for this purpose.
  • The devices are installed in areas such as halls, passages, corridors, stairs etc Cylinder Thermostat A cylinder thermostat is fitted in the hot water storage cylinder to monitor and regulate the water temperature there. Without this the water temperature would be overheated wasting energy or the water temperature may not be adequately hot.
  • Room Humidistat The room humidity stat will sense and cut-in or cut-out the humidifier device to maintain the healthy humidity levels in the space.
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) In an installation of Radiators the Thermostatic
    Radiator valve will throttle the hot water flow in to the heat exchanger by sensing the heat in a room space.

When the room is less occupied the heating media (hot water) requirement too will be less.

A regulation at room level with the TRV will avail the excess hot water for
other areas saving thermal valuable energy.ENTECH as a Home Heating Control Supplier

We can retrofit all the above controls with the highest quality equipment manufactured to the highest norms.

We would also comply with the BER Advisory Report recommendations in this enabling you
to be eligible for the grants and concessions made available by SEIs HES scheme.

We would also provide free information on the HES scheme and how to apply for its grants.

Thanks the Techstore Team