Home Energy Savings

When you buy a new washing machine or fridge freezer, you end up paying the operating cost for as long as you own it. And over time, the energy cost to run it increases greater than the cost of purchasing the appliance. So it’s in your best interest to buy an energy-efficient appliance.

Visit the hardware store. Buy low-flow showerheads, and fluorescent light bulbs as needed. These can be purchased from any hardware or DIY store. If your water heater is old and requires a new lagging jacket change it to a new one. This will increase efficiency and help in Home energy savings.

Go into your attic and inspect for insulation. How much is there and does it require more. For more efficiency it is best to insure that hot water pipes and ducts wherever they run through unheated areas are all properly insulated. It all helps for home energy savings.

Home Energy Savings

Seal up the all leaks in your house, to prevent drafts. With other areas like cut-through for pipes, gaps around chimneys, windows and doors, insulating these areas will make an Energy Efficient Home. Insure utility and recessed lights in insulated ceilings, and unfinished spaces behind cupboards and work surfaces are all covered and insulated. All the little, unseen and inaccessible cracks and holes may add up to as much as an open window or door, without you ever knowing it.

Lower your thermostat a few degrees when you can accept cooler conditions.This can include night time and whenever you leave your home for several hours. If your walls have no insulation, hire a contractor to blow liquid insulation into the walls which then hardens. Bring your attic insulation level up to; all this keeps the heat indoors and minimizes heat lose which all helps with home energy savings.

Replace old appliances. Even if it can be used for a few more years, replacing it with a new more efficient
model is generally a good investment and again will contribute to home energy savings.

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