Home Energy Ratings

What is an Energy Rating for Homes?

An Energy Rating for Homes is designed to establish how much energy is
used in a house efficiently Home energy ratings and how much is lost through
wastage and it is then compared to a similar house with similar occupancy.

The energy rating is acquired by computer and the score is based on the
higher the score the better an energy efficient home will be and therefore warmer and more comfortable.

Standard Assessment Procedure

The Irish Energy Rating for homes which was adopted from the U.K is called
the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and has a scale from 1-120.
The higher the score the more efficient your home is keeping the desired
climate without unnecessary loss or inefficiency. It helps in learning how
to make your home energy savings.

More Efficiency less Bills

It is of interest to note that increasing your Home energy rating by one point will dramatically lower your energy
bills over a year. The Standard Assessment Procedure can be compared to the efficiency stickers, which have a scale of A-G in efficiency, with a being the most efficient and G being the lest efficient. Most if not all new appliances will display this sticker. With most houses in Ireland and the UK having a score of approx 46 on their home energy rating(SAP) most homes fall into the grade “E” on the appliance sticker.

Our entertainment appliances like TV’s, hi-fi’s and computers are not required
as yet to display energy ratings. A lot of work is ongoing to establish how much
energy is used when they are put on stand-by mode when not in use.

Thanks the Techstore Team