Home Energy Efficiency


The HES program of the Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) offers you a variety of incentives to implement Home Energy Efficiency measures .With or without any incentives Home Energy Efficiency is a subject that should be foremost in every householders annual home operational costs.

How to Gauge the Energy Efficiency of a Home

Home Energy Efficiency can be gauged by carrying out an energy audit. One can get a general idea initially by carrying out the audit himself if he is so oriented. A better way would be to obtain the services of a qualified BER scheme listed assessor who would use proper tools and software for the purpose.

Is Home Energy Efficiency considered Important for my home as well?

Not only homes but all dwellings and buildings large or small need to be evaluated for their energy efficiency.
While corporate bodies and large buildings may manipulate their overheads and prices to absorb the wasted energy costs, you may only be able to do everything within a fixed income.

With OPEC trying its best to raise the world crude oil prices again, improving your home energy efficiency will save
you quite a buck .Not only that, all existing 1 million or so house holders in Ireland collectively will help immensely the country’s economy now in recession.

If you participate in the HES program in the coming year you stand to get a subsidy of approximately 2/3 of the total cost of retrofitting, from SEI.

What are the areas which affect your home energy efficiency?

All the following aspects affect a building’s energy performance;

  • Your Home Heating system
  • Ventilation system
  • Cooling System
  • Domestic Hot Water System
  • Home Insulation System
  • Air Sealing
  • Doors Windows, Skylights and Double Glazing
  • Domestic Water System
  • Use of better energy rated appliances
  • Lighting system
  • Building external finish and material used

As you see an assessment of energy efficiency of certain systems is a bit complicated.
These may require the services of a professional with proper equipment and training.
Who are the professionals competent and accredited to carry out these assessments?

If your ultimate aim is to obtain the benefits of the HES subsidies (which is what it should be) for improving your home energy efficiency, the use of a BER advisory report is compulsory before and after the retrofitting.

A BER assessment for such work can only be done by a qualified assessor who has been trained and accredited by SEI who uses appropriate software and tools.

Do I need to curb the energy wastage in all the above items?

If your aim is to obtain the benefits of the HES the answer is no. It will have a relationship with the BER advisory report only. This for example specifically excludes the use of domestic appliances like your dish washer in their assessments. So only certain systems in the above list need be addressed.

However home energy efficiency is not something which should be aligned to any immediate benefits. Improvements to all the issues will provide recurring financial benefits to the householder for many years to come.

King Recovery CES will assist you to achieve your home or building energy goals!

Some of the home energy conservation measures we provide are given below (though all may not be compulsory for BER Advisory report compliance):

  • Free information and guides for applying HES subsidies, arranging authorized BER assessor’s
    services etc if and when necessary.
  • System Designs and Estimates to comply your home with BER advisory report Supplying and installing insulation, high efficiency heating equipment, cooling equipment, ventilation equipment, water pumps, Air distribution ducting and accessories, controls etc.,
  • Supply all material and install Air sealing for windows, doors and sky lights.
  • Supplying and installing new windows, doors and sky lights with low emissivity type and inert gas filled double glazing etc.
  • Design, supply equipment and install sustainable Domestic hot water systems for energy efficient homes.
  • Design, supply and install sustainable and efficient lighting systems using solar panels, CFL and LED lamps.
  • Automation of these systems for optimum performance.
  • Provision of Alternative energy systems including Wind Turbines, Solar Thermal and PV panels,
  • Gasification boilers, wood pellet boilers, Combined Heat and Power equipment, Geothermal Energy, heat pumps , high efficiency Air conditioning and ventilation systems etc. as encouraged by SEI.

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