Home Energy Conservation

Home energy conservation is not as hard as it sounds and if everyone in the family contributes a small amount every day, you’ll soon see dramatic savings on your energy bills and also helping the environment at the same time.

To Do Today

Turning down the temperature of your central heating system a few degrees is a great start. You’ll not only conserve energy, you’ll also save money.Turning down home appliances with energy-saving settings is another great way in home energy conservation and with no loss of efficiency or zero energy home

Change your inefficient incandescent light bulbs for the fluorescent or energy efficient light bulbs.
They are a little more expensive in the short term, than the normal light bulbs but use only one quarter of electricity compared to incandesesents and have a much longer lifespan.

Home Energy Conservation

Is Buying kitchen appliances with a high energy rating is another great way of home energy conservation. They use less electricity than the older models and are far less prone to break downs and regular servicing requirements. In the case of washing machines, in-built energy saving functions is now common, which encourages lower temperature washes with far better efficiency than older models.

This Week4
Encourage your family members to turn lights off when leaving a room. Switching off TV’s from the mains as apposed to putting it on stand-by has significant savings on energy bills. A simple idea is to boil the amount of water required when boiling a kettle. Not only does this save money, it boils much quicker than if it was filled to capacity.