Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits provide the necessary scope for family homes as well as industries for saving significant Home Energy Audits amount of energy in their usual day to day consumption. These surveys provide an accurate measurment of energy usage within a home or industry.

The home energy audits provide relevant info about the difficulties that families and companies face in terms of money for excessive expenditure of energy. Home energy audit statements allow the consumers to be aware of the points where they lack proper handling of electricity and hence make significant savings from this per year.

The home energy audit can be performed by customers themselves or through survey professionals. we offer specialised home energy audits based on standard assessment Procedure (SAP) that has been adopted from UK . This rating in turn provides better maintenance solutions for your home equipment and machinery that consume maximum amount of electricity.

These Home energy audits also determine the efficiency of the heating and cooling elements of your home. The survey also offers sufficient data for appropriate means of conserving hot water and electricity. Compact florescent bulbs, expandable foam tape, insulation, thermostats are some of the best means of limiting your regular energy usage. Lighting equipments, water heating and air conditioning also constitute major areas of focus.

Pursuing the home energy audit guidelines certainly make huge difference between energy efficient homes and others.
Home energy audits also help consumers in identifying the particular energy consuming systems/equipments that cause hefty expenditure of energy and create uncomfortable atmosphere leading to unstable climatic changes.

Excessive usage of machines, consume more energy and results in unnecessary release of CO2 and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. This in turn contributes to an increase in Global warming which is a sensitive issue related to the drastic climate change in the whole world.

Apart from this, an Energy Revolution has been prevalent since two decades all over the world which aims at providing energy saving solutions for every family and specifically targets on the proper handling of fossil fuels and conversion to useful renewable sources of energy.

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