History of Geothermal Energy

Archaeological evidence has shown that humans used geothermal energy more than 10,000 years ago in the form of hot springs.

The springs were used as a source of warmth and for cleaning and because of their richness in minerals were also used as a source of healing. Presently development is ongoing to drill more than 10 miles below ground to look for geothermal energy.

In 1922 there was an attempt to use geothermal energy at the geyser stream field in northern California. Due to the pipes being used at the time, they were unable to stand up to the corrosion of the particles and impurities in the water from the geothermal well. In 1960 however a hydrothermal plant did open successfully,with a further 28 plants operating there to this day.

In the 18th century the first industrial known use of geothermal energy was in Italy, in the town of Pisa. Boric acid from the hot pools was extracted from drilled holes and steam from natural vents which are now known as the Larderello fields.

Today worldwide concerns regarding environmental issues and climate change are pressurizing their governments to act now before it is too late and start using renewable energy sources over oil and gas to decrease the
environmental impact of major fossil fuel consumption.