Heat Recovery


Heat Recovery refers to the extraction of heat energy wasted and subsequently dissipated to the environment in many processes for use productively.

Heat Recovery in production processes Many processes (production or otherwise) are inefficient and loose much of the energy input as waste heat. Heat Recovery improves the efficiency of the process greatly and also cuts down the production cost.

A good example will be the electrical power generation with reciprocating fossil fuel run engines.

Heat Recovery in Homes and buildings

  • Surprisingly homes too have processes which waste energy.
  • A good example is the ventilation system.
  • Along with heated air (in winter) or with the cooled air (in the summer) expelled for ventilation and the outside air drawn in as fresh air.

Recovery of Waste

Heat recovery is a well researched subject over many decades. Unfortunately due to our own scant neglect it has not been properly implemented to cut down costs of production and conserve energy.

A main reason may have been the low cost of fossil fuels pitted against the capital investment.Implements used for Heat recovery

Some of the common implements used in waste heat recovery are;

  • Air to Air Heat Pumps
  • Air to water heat Pumps
  • Cooling towers
  • Water to Water Heat exchangers
  • Heat Recovery ventilators
  • Heat Recovery Chillers
  • Combined Heat and Power Generators (Cogeneration)
  • Gasification Boilers ,Wood chip and Pellet Boilers and stoves (by inherent design)

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