Green Energy

Green energy is a clean non-polluting source of power and energy. This refers to renewable energy sources. Green energy includes processes that can be produced with little pollution. Examples of these are all types of renewable energy sources. Some types of green energy are produced from the burning of waste.

The Nuclear Debate

Nuclear power has claimed to be green energy. By definition it is sustainable, renewable and produces virtually no pollution into the atmosphere during the energy production stage. Production of nuclear power does produce waste, when CO2 and other greenhouse gases are generated by the large volume of energy required by post-production.

Green energy

Because of this, nuclear power is never included in official green energy schemes. People in favors of Nuclear Power tend to argue that the Nuclear waste is not released into the biosphere during normal operation and that the carbon dioxide emissions per kilowatt hour of generated electricity is comparable to those of other green energy sources, such as wind power.

Large-scale hydroelectric plants are excluded from the green energy label as the produce CO2 from burning electricity
producing biomass.

Current electricity producer’s arrangements in some countries make it possible for domestic consumers to buy electricity produced by green energy, either by purchasing their electricity from a generating company that uses only renewable energy to produce electricity. In England , green energy is responsible for generating electricity by way of wind turbines for approx 1000 homes.

With all energy sources there is some environmental impact. Green energies contribution however is extremely low.

Here are some of our Green Energy Solutions

Solar Energy

Some of these make use of solar energy to heat water and are called Solar Water Heating Systems. while others produce electricity, this is done when sunlight hits a solar cell thus electricity is produced. Solar Cells which are also called photovoltaic cells are devices that use the photovoltaic effect of semiconductors to generate electricity directly from sunlight.

Biomass Energy Systems

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