Graphic Design for Business

A Dedicated Graphic Design Team for your Business

Graphic design incorporates the use of, illustration, iconography, and branding, but is not limited to these devices.

Graphic Design for your Project

Dedicated team of illustrators, Graphic Designers and copywriters that can take your project from concept to delivery, the way you exactly visualised it to be.

We offer

  • Web Graphics & Design
  • Logos/Letter Heads/Stationery/Business Cards/Brochures
  • Product Booklets/ Brochures
  • Flash Intros and Creatives
  • Website Design
  • Training and Help Materials
  • Promotional Items
  • PDFs/Power Point Presentations
  • Web Slide Shows
  • Newsletters & Magazines
  • Banners & Ads
  • Email Creatives
  • Landing Pages

If you are looking for a design that captivates an audience, intrigues a customer or simply boosts profits for you, then, We offer a complete array of graphic services that combine strategy, creative thinking and technical expertise in making your designs stand out and deliver.

Our experienced graphic designers can bring about a positive impression to your product or service. Our design approach is about creating a call to action. At the core of our value proposition is the extra mile approach that our graphic team is used to.

We are highly flexible and we custom package each of the solutions and offer a level of customer service that is rarely found elsewhere in the industry. Our pricing is very affordable and all-inclusive with no hidden costs. We essentially have two packages that fit your various needs and budgets.

Project Basis

Person or Team on Hire Basis
Project Basis – You can engage us on fixed price per project basis, wherein we enter into a contract on mutually agreed upon fixed price against a set of well-defined deliverables. Just let us know your requirements and specifications and we will provide you with a price quote in less than a day.

Person or Team on Hire
You can have a specialist team working for you on full time, half time or on an hourly basis. This plan works well for you if your needs are continuously changing, or if you do not have a particular liking for negotiating a price for every project.

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