Generated Wind Power

One of the best aspects of generated wind power is we have a never ending source at our disposal. Wind power has for thousands of years powered windmills and aided ships sail across the vast oceans. With the help of modern technology the use of wind power is stepping into the forefront of an alternative source of clean, renewable environmentally friendly source of energy.

The first wind power turbines capable of generating electricity were developed in the U.S and Europe in the 1800s. In the early twentieth century, electricity became more available in major populated areas. Many farming communities adapted by generating wind power from small easily constructed wind turbines using generators from old farm machinery and using old propellers from old aircraft.

With the generated wind power industry growing annually large countries in Europe are receiving 5% of their electricity from wind energy. This is estimated to grow to 40% by 2030. Countries in the Far East with large populations are seeing the benefits of generated wind power and are showing an interest in developing more electricity production from alternative energy sources such as wind power.

One of the main reasons larger countries are looking into renewable energy sources is it could offset the massive
amounts of fossil fuels that are burned to sustain the energy needs of the country. Generated wind power is also free from any source of CO2 emissions and is therefore good in achieving the goals laid down in the Kyoto agreement.

In the near future wind power will become as cheap to produce as fossil fuel derived energy and eventually by-pass
it as fossil fuels deplete to a stage where they are no longer viable as an energy source.

As the wind speed increases, the power from the wind turbine increases also doubling of wind speed results in as much as an eight-fold increase in power. It is very important to place the generating wind power turbine at an optimum location where it will receive a constant supply of wind. Increasing the length of the propellers by two, produces a four-fold increase in power.