renewable-energyThe term “energy” is widely used in nearly everything we do in life and many meanings are often used to it. The most used definition is the capacity of something physical requirement for energy to work. Humans one of the best examples eat food, which is burned and turned into energy for us to function in our every day lives.

The word energy traces back to 1599, from the French word energie, and before that from the Greek energeia meaning “activity or operation. The most common definition of energy is “useful effect that a motor is capable of producing”.

There are many ways in which we use energy in our every day lives, and in some case’s it can be compared to oxygen.
We need energy to function by way of our food we eat every day. Our vehicles we drive to work consume energy
by way of the fuel they use.

The heating of our homes uses energy to keep us warm, and energy by way of electricity, to provide power to our lighting and cooking appliances. In our life times energy resources that we take for granted will be expired and the world will have to look into new ways to provide renewable energy.

The biggest form of renewable energy is Solar energy.With multiple uses of solar power the converted sunlight results in a usable form of energy. This type of energy can be used to heat water from solar panels.

Many technologies have been developed to make use of solar energy.

Solar Energy

Some of these make use of solar energy to heat water and are called Solar Water Heating Systems. while others produce electricity, this is done when sunlight hits a solar cell thus electricity is produced. Solar Cells which are also called photovoltaic cells are devices that use the photovoltaic effect ofsemiconductors to generate electricity directly from sunlight.

Biomass Energy Systems

We have the latest in technology in wood Pellet heating systems including Wood pellet stoves and wood Pellet Boilers, we also stock and distribute Irish manufactured wood pellet on a nationwide basis, checkout out wood pellet stoves or our wood Pellet Boilers or if you are simply interested in purchasing our pellet in bags or loose pellet in Bulk then visit our Wood Pellet Supply where you can order online.

Energy Exchange Systems

A heat pump system will harness free and renewable energy sources for heating your house and supplying hot water at a very low cost.

The role of the heat pump is to ‘pump up’ heat from a low temperature source, for example the ground under your lawn and release it at a higher temperature into your central heating system.There are three main types of heat pump available on the market, those that take heat from the ground or
Ground Heat Pumps , from water (rivers or wells) or directly from the air.

There are three main types of heat Pumps available here in Ireland.
1 Ground Source Heat Pumps
2 Air Source Heat Pumps
3 Water Source Heat Pumps

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Systems offer a clean affordable alternative to fossil fuel generated electricity in your home or office. Wind Energy Systems are easily installed with minimum space required for installation, with a free source of power through out the year.

With Wind Energy Systems you and your family will never again have to worry about power outages in your area as you generate your own electricity from your own Wind Turbine.