Computer Upgrades

Do you have an old Computer, but are hesitant to upgrade because
you are afraid of losing your old data?

Then you need to engage a professional IT service provider who can
back up your critical business data and then upgrade your local IT and computer systems.

Here are links to some great Services:

If the performance of your PC is being limited by
insufficient memory or too small a hard disk, these
and other deficiencies can be remedied by a computer
system upgrade.

Most PC manufacturers are catered for and many of the parts
are available from stock enabling the upgrade to be completed
in a short time.

Both desktop and notebook machines can be upgraded,
but the delivery of parts for notebooks
may take slightly longer due to the greater diversity
of parts being needed.

Typical upgrades include the following:

  • Memory
  • Hard Disks
  • System Boards
  • Processors
  • Extra interfaces, such as SCSI, USB, Parallel and Serial ports
  • Higher performance video cards
  • Sound Cards and Speakers
  • Network hardware
  • Cases and Power Supplies

An integral part of the service includes the installation of relevant
software so that the new part is ready for use and is fully operational.

Memory upgrades are also available for printers; these will mainly apply to laser printers.

Wherever possible, only good quality branded parts from well-known manufacturers are used, consistent with economic pricing. New parts will normally have a warranty period of at least twelve months while second-hand parts will be guaranteed for typically between 30 and 90 days.

The Techstore Team