Compliment Slips


Compliment Slips Design and Print Service

Compliments Slips are an effective way of acknowledging the fact that you and your organisation
appreciate the working relationship which coexists between you and your customers and suppliers.

Business Compliment Slips

Compliments slips can be printed digitally but are more suitable for offset.
The Compliment Slip should contain the company logo and address and phone numbers.
There should always be an area for you to leave a personalised message directed at
your intended recipient and this is where compliments slips can be most effective.

Printing Service

The design team will discuss with you and determine what you consider is the best design and layout. Compliments slips should focus on design primarily and content secondary as they are used for atheistic purposes generally.

The design team will incorporate your logo into the design and shall provide you with a number of final drafts to choose from. Successful uses of compliments slips can greatly enhance and improve customer
relations and shed light on you and your company as a professional and efficient organisation.

Printing Quote