CHP Units


An introduction to Industrial CHP (Combined Heat and Power)

Waste energy is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed. CHP is the simultaneous generation of usable heat and power in a single process that utilizes the heat produced in electricity generation rather than releasing it into the atmosphere which is wasteful.

In typical conventional power generation, much of the total energy input is wasted. Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or co-generation (sometimes referred to as ‘total energy’), where the heat produced in electricity generation is put to good use, rather than wated into the atmosphere, reaching efficiency in excess of 80%.

That is to say that we could help you save the environment in your own little way while you are cutting down on your daily costs.

One of the more significant energy management systems that we offer is Industrial CHP

(Combined Heat and Power).

  • Industrial CHP is an easy solution to the energy crisis that our world is currently facing.
  • It makes for an energy-efficient living that is not as heavy on the budget and not as damaging to the environment.
  • Typically a good CHP unit can deliver an increase of 20% / 25% in efficiency against the separate energy system it replaces.
  • Basically, the industrial CHP concept is all about using whatever heat or power source there is simultaneously with no extra cost.
  • Through a cycle, renewable fuels as well as fossils are put to beneficial use.
  • If well practiced, an industrial CHP unit can provide countless advantages concerning the environment, the economy, and the worldwide bout against energy crisis.

CHP is about utilizing the heat produced by power, naturally electricity, to run many other processes instead of just releasing them to the atmosphere and damage whatever it can there.

CHP can make for significant savings due to the amount of energy source that will no longer be needed because a renewable source is already being used. Aside from being economical, CHP is also very efficient to use. Given an effective process, CHP can generate energy in great amounts, which can even be sufficient to supply what is actually needed.

Specifically, industrial CHP is a large scale application that can be used in a bigger surrounding. Then again, it is not only the big facilities that could take advantage of a CHP. Every establishment, from residential homes to full pledge buildings, can make use of CHP as a way of using previously wasted energy. In fact, some energy efficient homes are already powered by CHP. In short, we are making living cost-effective and energy-efficient, right from the start.

CHP application has been made even more interesting during the last decade or so that it was made available even for home use. If you employ an efficient CHP system in your building, you will enjoy lower electricity bills and lesser guilt regarding environmental harms.

CHP systems can save you up to 40% on your electric bill and up to 50% of carbon dioxide emissions. That means that you can have a very good amount of extra cash to spend on your other household needs. On the other hand, large amount of emissions, as you should know, destroys the ozone layer and causes global warming.

To help you employ a CHP system in your household, get in touch with one of our energy professionals. Once the CHP is employed, you will be guaranteed to enjoy the many advantages it poses on the personal and even the communal level.