CCTV Systems

Installing a CCTV system is crucial in both crime prevention and detection.
CCTV cameras, whether fitted internally or externally, provide a visible and effective deterrent at all times.

Whether your requirements are for a single or multicamera set up,
or to have visual access on or off site, viewing through internet
access a CCTV system with  user friendly digital  video management
systems will help protect your premises or Home.

Fully integrated with an access control system, CCTV can provide an effective and permanent record of all callers and potential intruders.

You can install the latest CCTV systems using up to the minute digital technology, installing high resolution cameras, together with state of the art recording equipment.

The benefits of digital recording compared to analogue systems include:

  • Ability to search by date and time
  • No signal or quality loss on recording
  • Automatically overwrites the oldest video footage
  • Digital images are much higher quality
  • Flexible configuration and settings
  • Remote viewing of multiple locations from anywhere in the world with a laptop or PC
  • Records video off-premises to remote server
  • Multiple levels of user security.

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