Biomass Renewable Energy

Biomass Renewable Energy

Biomass is a renewable energy source and is derived from plants such as trees, grasses, farm crops Biomass Renewable Energy or other biological material. It can be made into a solid fuel and can be also converted into a liquid to produce other forms of fuels such as biogas.

A biorefinery is used in the conversion process of the biomass into its various forms of fuel. It can then be transported to the various industries for use such as wood-pellets for domestic biomass heating systems or biogas for gas stoves or fuel for vehicles.

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Environmentally Friendly Fuel

As a renewable source of fuel, biomass is extremely cheap to produce. It has huge benefits on our environment as it is CO2 neutral. By this we mean that the burning process does not produce any more green house gases than if the plants or trees which it had originated from had died naturally.

The CO2 that the plant had ingested through its lifetime only gets released and no more. This process is part of the natural cycle which is excellent news for our environment.

A New Beginning in Renewable Energy.

Biomass renewable energy has been used for thousands of years for cooking and providing warmth. The biggest source of biomass renewable energy comes in the form of wood. It is plentiful and is cheap to process into biomass such as wood-pellets. Farm crops are also produced to make biomass. Crops such as switchgrass, corn and sugarcane produce liquid fuel ethanol. This can power vehicles and can radically change the way we fuel our cars with massive benefits to the environment.

Biomass can be used for fuels, power production, and products that would otherwise be made from fossil fuels.
In such scenarios, biomass can provide an array of benefits as we look to the future for alternatives to our
fossil fuel dependencies.