Biomass Heating

Biomass is a renewable form of energy and produces a very clean efficient
way to use biomass waste as a source of heating for domestic use.
Biomass Boilers and Stoves are now produced to run biomass produced
fuel such as wood-pellets as an alternative to fossil fuel appliances.

Biomass Heating

Unlike fossil fuels, biomass fuels are extremely cheap to produce and burn more efficiently due to their size and composition. The ash residue is minimal and can be used as a garden fertilizer. Biomass heating is a very efficient way to heat your home.

Burning fuels made from biomass makes a positive contribution towards lowering
CO2 emissions and the installation of renewable energy such as biomass heating boilers and stoves is supported by generous government grants.

In addition, homeowners will reap the benefits on CO2 neutral renewable energies when the government
implements a Carbon Tax.

Biomass heating systems can easily be installed as new, or to replace your current space and water
heating systems.

With the increasing demand in developing countries and the diminishing supply of fossil fuels,
biomass heating systems burns a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

This is a very efficient way to heat your house while helping to lower environmental impacts of
greenhouse gases from fossil fuels.