Biomass Energy

biomass-energyBiofuels is derived from biomass or from biomass energy such as waste from cows or organic material. Unlike other fossil fuels such as coal and gas it is a renewable energy source. Like some fossil fuels, biomass is a form of stored solar energy. The energy of the sun is captured through the process of photosynthesis in growing plants.

Crops specifically grown for use as biofuels are produced in the United States and the EU, with Brazil and South-East Asia also producers of such crops.

Biomass Energy

Biodegradable sources of biomass energy include straw, wood, farm animal excrement, sewage, biodegradable waste, and inedible food, which are converted to biomass energy in the form of biogas through anaerobic digestion. Fuel used as biomass normally consists of chaff and farm animal excrement

Biomass Energy does not reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced. The burning of biofuels produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The carbon in biomass fuels is extracted from CO2 in the air by plants as they have grown. But cutting down forests to be used as Biomass energy without replanting trees would not have a carbon neutral effect.

Ongoing research and development consider the alternative to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is to use biofuels or biomass energy to replace non-renewable sources of energy.

Peat is also considered to be a biofuel. Burning it however does contribute to atmospheric pollution. Research is being carried out to discover if micro algae is a viable energy source, with applications for biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, methane, and even hydrogen. Use of hemp is increasing, but world governments hold back on allowing full production of it.

Germany for example, food is cheaper than fuel mostly because fuel is taxed more than food. Central heating is available in Germany where by food-grade wheat or maize is used as a fuel sources. The production of biofuels to replace fossil fuels is in constant development, with also an increase in wind energy development, the efficient production of biofuels which produce high energy gain. A major advantage of biofuels over fossil fuels is that it is biodegradable, with no environmental impacts if spilled.

Biomass Energy Systems

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