Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers can easily be installed as new, or to replace your current gas or oil boilers.
But instead of burning the rapidly diminishing supply of fossil fuels it burns a sustainable alternative called biomass e.g. wood chip, wood pellet or cereals.

This produces heat for your central heating system and hot water while helping to counter the impacts of climate change.

We have a number of Biomass Energy systems for you on offer.
Wood Pellet Fuel
Wood Pellet Boilers
Wood Pellet Stoves
Can you combine a Biomass Boiler with a solar panel?

A Solar Hot Water Panel can easily be integrated with your Biomass Boiler so when there is not enough solar energy to heat the water the boiler will automatically kick in.

How big is the Boiler? Where will it go?

Your biomass boiler can be fitted in the same position as your current boiler, depending on space. A biomass boiler that would heat a 2 to 3 bedroom house or a commercial unit up to 3000sq ft would fit in a 5ft L x 4ft H x 2.5FT W space.

How much fuel will it use

It is virtually impossible to predict how much fuel it will need , this would depend on how often you use it,
how large your property and how heat you like it, But a typical the same boiler as above will
use 25kg per day (this is a estimate)

Does it need a lot of maintenance?

Maintenance is easy due to the high efficiency of the boiler. The boiler produces 1-2% ash, which is an organic,
free fertiliser that can be easily spread on your garden. You would need to check the ash every couple of weeks.

How is it operated?

The boilers are electronically controlled so after our friendly technicians install your boiler we will set the control panel to your particular application allowing your boiler to be automatically controlled by a timer in your home or office.

How often do I need to fill it? How do I know when its empty?

You can either fill your integrated hopper occasionally or opt for a auto-fill fuel system for minimum effort. We believe that the quality of our systems and installation expertise puts us at the head of the market
for quality and price. We hope that you will find our website both interesting and informative.