Benefits of using Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a locally available fuel that will reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere and help combat climate change. Wood Pellets can be used in industrial applications as well as in the home. Wood Pellets are locally produced here in Ireland and are as efficient and convenient as conventional fossil fuels.


Wood Pellets are very clean and can be handled easily without any mess. The only material in the pellets is natural wood – there are no additives or artificial binding agents. This provides peace of mind for you, your family and your environment.

Self lighting

The days of rolled up newspapers and rolled up sleeves are past. Modern wood pellet stoves can be ignited automatically using a device like a TV controller – just point and click.

Auto feed

Modern Wood Pellet Stoves and Wood Pellet Boilers are fed automatically and the heat output is regulated just like any central heating system. brites can be delivered in bulk in quantities of 3 tonnes or more.

Auto de-ash

Ash levels are extremely low and some boiler units remove the ash automatically. The small amount of ash that is removed can be used as a high grade fertiliser in the garden.

Adjustable output
The heat output from the wood pellet units can be controlled and programmed to meet the specific needs of the user.

Industrial use

Wood pellets have great potential to reduce the carbon emissions produced by industry. They can be used to provide heat for space and water heating or for industrial processes. They can also be used with other fuels to co-fire existing heating or electrical generating plants.