Benefits and use of Geothermal Energy

One of the most important benefits if not the most important is to our environment. Geothermal energy is a clean renewable source of energy and does not produce CO2 emissions compared to coal, gas or oil produced energy.

Geothermal energy provides a clean renewable form of energy with minimum land used for installation and massive savings on heating bills over the lifespan. SEI estimates a savings of over 20,000 euros over the geothermal heat pumps lifespan.

More geothermal usage means less fossil fuel usage and therefore fewer emissions released into the environment, which in turn will benefit everyone. It reduces the amount of fossil fuels

Water with a temperature of over 100 degrees, geothermal energy can provide energy to a broad range of applications from home space and water heating to farm and industrial uses.

Temperatures above that are use to generate electricity from steam. The water is pumped into the geothermal well where it is converted to steam. The steam has the capacity to power a turbine and in turn generate electricity.
The steam is then returned to the well where it is converted back to water to start the process all over.

Geothermal energy is a clean renewable energy source capable of giving the population a viable alternative to fossil fuel derived energy. It will also contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions being released into the environment which in turn will slow down the warming of the planet.