Appointment Cards for Business in Ireland


Market your Business with Smart Appointment Cards

Appointment cards are one of the most important tools of business marketing. Such cards are mainly given out by the medical practitioners and therapist to their clients or patients so as to remind them about their next visit for further treatment.

The appointment cards are handy reminders for the patient to conveniently remember their medical appointments. The appointment cards can also be used as business cards by improvising and applying some ideas like printing the logo and name of the doctor or therapist with his address on the cards. These cards can thus be utilized for multi purposes at lesser expenditure.

Appointment cards help increase your Business

Since the appointment card also doubles up as a business card, it not only aids the patients in remembering their next appointment with the doctor, but also helps in increasing your business.

These cards make the patients feel cared for and cherished. They will therefore invariably return to you for their next appointment. The appointment cards have been found to retain the clients for a longer time.

Choose the right Appointment Card for your Business

While choosing an appointment card, one has to be very thoughtful. It is considered as a means of determining the status of a practitioner and hence, the card can work wonders for a business. Most importantly, it has to be printed well. The design and the quality of the appointment cards speak volumes about the doctor or the practitioner and therefore it is important to pay attention to a few things while getting ahead with printing your card.

Important tips to be followed
Size:  The first consideration for choosing an appointment card is the size of the card itself. The appointment cards mostly come in a standard size that is equal to the size of a credit card. Although it is the optimal size, yet one can customize it according to the amount of printing done and the convenience. Many medical practitioners keep the size a little larger than the standard size as it can’t fall off the wallet when some credit card etc is taken out.A bigger size will also enable the doctor to write some extra information on it whenever required.

Finish: The appointment cards can have both matte and gloss finish. Matte finish is better as one can write on it with any medium. The gloss medium would require felt pens to write on it. Some appointment cards also have UV coating on them

Color and printing: Although many colors are available, most of the doctors prefer white or yellow background with black or red printing. You can customize the color according to your liking.You can print your business details on the backside of the appointment card to let it work as business card too.
Sticker appointed cards: Sticker appointment cards have removable label on the card. The patient can remove this sticker from the card and stick it onto the calendar or somewhere where they can see it and then remember the appointment.

Avoid the following while choosing the Appointment Cards

  • The size of the appointment card should not be very small or too large.
  • Don’t use UV-coated appointed cards as it is not easy to write on them.
  • No need to make the cards very exclusive as it will increase your cost of operation in a big way.
  • The appointment card should not be very glossy or gloomy looking. Maintain a balance between the two to have a better business.

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