Advice on Solar Panels

Hot water from the sun, in Ireland?

Believe it or not, one square metre of solar panels on your roof receives the equivalent of more than 100 litres of oil in free solar energy per year. As a matter of fact, this is more than in Paris.

A solar water heating System produces hot water by transforming sunlight into heat through its solar panels.
That heat is then stored in a large hot water cylinder so that it is available when you need it. A control system ensures the regulation and safety of the whole equipment. Simple, efficient and reliable!

Ok. But what if the sun is not shining?

No problem. A solar water heating System not only converts direct sunlight but also indirect sunlight into heat, so it works even when the sky is overcast. True, there will be less solar heat available during the winter,but a back-up heater will boost the water temperature. The result is 100% comfort at all times,with plenty of hot water for a fraction of the cost.

Is my house suitable?

A solar water heater can suit most situations. All you need is:

Space to put the solar panels (generally on the roof) and room for the storage cylinder in your utility room or hot press. Access to the sun for the panels (orientated between south-east and south-west) and no over-shadowing by trees or other buildings.

What kind of system do I need?

There is a good selection of solar water heaters available on the Irish market. They are all built on the same principle, with varying degrees of sophistication and price.

If you are building a new house or replacing your hot water system,the extra cost of a solar water heater can be as low as 1000 Euro compared to a conventional system.