Advantages of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is harnessed from below the ground and provides a clean renewable free source of energy that can be used to heat buildings both domestic and commercial alike to great efficiency.

Below the surface of the earth the temperature stays between 50-60 degrees. This enables heating efficiencies of 50% to 70% higher than fossil fuel derived heating systems.

Geothermal Energy in use today

Today we are faced with the growing cost of fossil fuels, in terms of the financial cost and more importantly the cost to our environment. We must face up to the fact that fossil fuels are running out and we must look into to alternative means to supply energy to our ever increasing population .

Geothermal energy must be looked at as a viable alternative energy source. Large scale use of geothermal energy systems can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by up 50%.

The initial cost of geothermal energy systems can be high but this investment is recouped only after a few years with the knowledge of having a free source of home energy heating for the entire lifespan of the home. This could mean generations of families with a free source of energy supplied within the home.

The benefits to our environment would be considered huge in terms of less CO2 emissions over the houses lifespan.