Advantages of Biomass Energy

The most important if not the major advantage of biomass energy is that it is renewable. With the ever increasing need for energy, especially in the developing world and the depletion of fossil fuels, the need for an alternative energy source is ever more apparent.

With Biomass Energy the advantages far outweigh the cons. The produce used in the production of biomass energy such as saw-dust, wood cut-offs and crops are locally produced, cheap and are a renewable source of fuel.

Boiler systems that use fossil fuels like oil and gas for domestic heating are similar to those of a Biomass Energy system so no major re-fit is necessary for installation. The fuel used in the biomass Energy Heating system is one of the cheapest on the market and environmentally friendly as biomass fuel is CO2 neutral.

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This means the burning process only emits the CO2 that was stored in the organic material during its life span, a major advantage of the ever increasing emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

The pellet fuels burn process holds emissions far below those of nonrenewable fossil fuels. Future research in commercial pellet burning systems are employing various technologies which are promising even further increases in efficiencies.

Pellet fuel costs have been virtually constant with no foreseeable change during the last ten years. This is good news for domestic use, with the worry of ever fluctuating oil costs. Since forecasters rely on regional manufacturers for their production estimates, that guess is likely to be far more accurate than oil estimates from OPEC. Given that hundreds of businesses were forced to shut their doors due to the dizzying spike in fuel costs in 2001, doesn’t it simply make better sense to rely on local resources for your energy?