A Buyers’ Guide to Renewable Heat Pumps

Installing a renewable heat pump system is not such a difficult process. However, there are important decisions to make and a few rules to apply to ensure that your heat pump system will be to your satisfaction and meet your requirements. It is vital to look for high quality when choosing your heat pump.

All products registered by SEI under the Greener Homes Scheme have met strict quality requirements in terms of efficiency (coefficient of performance) and safety (CE marking).

We advise that you ask your supplier to recommend an installer as reputable suppliers will only deal with experienced qualified installers.

Please visit www.sei.ie/greenerhomes for lists of heat pump suppliers and installers. We highly recommend that you shop around in order to get the best product and the best value for your money.


  • Is the heat pump on SEI’s list of registered products? (Remember, if it is not listed you will not receive a grant under the Greener Homes Scheme).
  • Is the heat pump certified by a quality label?
  • What is the efficiency rating (coefficient of performance) of the heat pump under expected operating conditions?
  • What is the noise level of the system during operation?
  • Does the refrigerant used conform to EU and national legislation (R22 is banned from 01/01/04)?
  • What kind of room temperature regulation (thermostat) does the system have?
  • How will the heat pump interact with other heating systems (if applicable)?
  • Do all the system components and materials used conform to the heat pump manufacturer’s specifications?

Sizing and design

  • How are your space heating and hot water requirements calculated and how is the heat pump system sized?
  • Is the current heat distribution system suitable for a heat pump system?
  • Is the heat pump system’s capacity sufficient to meet the maximum heat loss of the house? Is an additional heating system required?
  • Is the ground loop (or other heat source) sized and designed to ensure best performance by the heat pump system?
  • Is the heat pump system configured according to the manufacturer’s specifications?

Questions to ask your Supplier and Installer
SEI REIO has put together a list of questions you should ask suppliers and installers before making your purchase.
It is in your best interest to make sure you are satisfied that all your questions are answered.