Tracking Systems

Fleet Managment and Tracking

We provide solutions for vehicle owners who want increased control and communication with their vehicles.
Our product is a web based GPS tracking system which uses GPRS to locate Lorries, vans, trailers, cars etc.

It allows fleet management to become more efficient and productive.

Real time GPS or passive GPS vehicle tracking systems for fleet owners and dispatchers.
We have a number of fleet management tools for tracking vehicles, trailers plant machinery or
your heavy equipment to improve fleet productivity, accountability, and profitability.

Plant and Equipment Tracking

Our Asset tracking systems can work by creating a geofence around a company's assets such as
plan or construction equipment. Daily Monitoring and Inventory Control of plant equipment on hire. More >>

Asset Tracking

We work closely with our customers to integrate our products for the tracking, monitoring and management of
almost any type of remote asset imaginable, including:

• Cargo Containers
• Refrigerator and Dry Van Trailers
• Heavy Equipment
• Mobile Generators
• Plant and Machinery

More on asset Tracking

Tracking of Goods and Cargo
Tracking vehicles and containers in ever growing supply chains is one of the greatest challages facing business today.
However there are new and exciting tracking solutions available that offer real cost savings in this area.


  • Lower inventory stock levels
  • Reduce manual checks
  • Reduce inventory handling costs
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Improve asset utilisation

We have a wide range of Solutions for the Tracking of Goods and Cargo More >>

Remote fixed Asset Monitoring
If you require information from fixed assets that are located on remote sites, a remote asset
monitoring solution could be the right solution for you. Our Remote Asset Monitoring Devices
can cover a wide range of applications: More >>

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