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Here are some testimonials from some of our customers who have had Thermomax Solar
Water Heating systems installed in the past here in Ireland.

Solar Panel Testimonial

Solar testimonial

Futura Energy Solutions are leaders in Solar Thermal installations & as we supply & install only the highest quality
flat plate & evacuated tubes we can offer you honest advise as to what suits your needs best.

Our panels/tubes have a 95% absorption efficiency & coupled with a well insulated twin coil solar cylinder you are guaranteed
a high performance from your system. We are a Dublin based company offering a full nationwide service.

Our expert engineers will guide you through every step from planning to installation to commissioning always putting
your needs first. A good quality solar system installed by an expert engineer will save you money & there are

obvious environmental benefits to Solar energy. We also supply all relevant SEI documentation required to
avail of grant assistance under Greener Homes Scheme phase 3.To speak to a sales representative please call our office.
A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or book a

survey where an engineer can visit your home & discuss different applications that may apply to you.
Please refer to tables below for price guides. We look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Futura Facts:

1-Solar water heating will save you money on your heating bills.

2-Solar is a free source of energy.

3-All products guaranteed.

4-All works carried out by Futura Engineers.

5-All products SEI listed qualifying for grant aid under Greener Homes Scheme phase 3.

6-24 hr emergency assistance guaranteed.

7-All engineers highly trained SEI listed quality assured installers.

8- Futura Energy Solutions- No.1 for quality products & quality service.


Solar water hearting System Solar Panels

During the summer months the solar thermal system will reach its optimum performance, harnessing enough energy to achieve 100% of your energy requirements to provide hot water.
On average per annum your solar thermal system will harness 60% of the energy required for your hot water demand.

Any short fall will be automatically achieved by your backup heating source. e.g. WINDHAGER wood pellet boiler, log boiler etc.




More Information about Solar Panels

Solar panels are made from silicon and transfer’s the sun’s radiation into usable
renewable energy in the form of electricity. Solar panels produce a clean renewable form of electricity with no CO2 emissions into the environment.

The energy absorbed from the solar panels travels through a pump, from there passes through a fill and relief valve. The energy then changes forms when it reaches a heat exchanger where it can be stored or used in the form of electricity and space/ water heating.

A configuration of passive thermo siphon is used to connect a number of panels together to maximize solar absorption.

A backup electric and gas water heater is included incase not enough energy has been collected from one of the solar panels. This type of configuration ensures that maximum solar energy is being collected from the rest of the solar panels to offset the defected one.

There are two types of solar panels or solar cells suitable for domestic use.
Flat Panel Arrays and Evacuated tubes, (more than one) are available in different heights and widths.
Most are about 1m2.

Evacuated tubes work on the same principle as the flat panel solar cells, but due to their design are far more
efficient at collecting solar energy. Evacuated tubes have been around for years and are extensively used in Canada,
Germany, China and England. Evacuated tubes use a twin glass tube made of borosilicate glass which makes them extremely durable.

This type of design allows maximum absorption with minimal reflection. The top of the tubes are fused together and all air within the tubes is pumped out at the same time the tubes are exposed to extremely high temperatures.  
This "evacuation" of the gasses forms a vacuum, which is an important factor in the performance of the evacuated tubes.

Due to the vacuum process the tubes are extremely efficient at collecting heat from solar energy.
A vacuum is excellent at insulation which is why the tubes were designed as such.
The vacuum prevents any heat loss from the tubes due to the highly efficient insulation properties.
The inside tube could be as hot as 150C while the outer tube is cold to the touch.
Due to this design evacuated tubes out perform the flat panel models and collect maximum solar
even in bad weather.

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