Wood Pellet stoves: Bring home the Ultimate Heating Technology

Wood Pellet stoves are known of their fuel based heating capacity and energy efficiency. These products prove ideal for warming homes and also water heating purposes. With global warming on a high and scientists from whole world concerned over the depletion of the non conventional sources of energy, these Wood Pellet stoves provide a source of inspiration. This product can be incorporated with under floor and solar heating supplies. The wood pellet stoves have similar benefits of the fossil fuel heating systems and also cut out the emission hazards.

Wood Pellet stoves are fuel efficient, low on wastes and highly stylish. These stoves feature automatic ignition capabilities, temperature and timer controls. Also including the fans that rotate the warm air throughout the room space, Wood Pellet stoves offer high efficiencies up to 90 percent. Pellet stoves comprise of a hopper that stores enough fuel for use till 2 to 3 days. Wood Pellet stoves are portable and easy to handle as compared to traditional open fire or stove. These conventional looking stoves employ modern micro processor power to provide an efficient and low ash burning fire. Due to the use of fans and thermostatic controls to produce and circulate the heat to nearby atmosphere, these Wood Pellet stoves are definitely safer than traditional stoves.

We manufacture FireWIN Wood Pellet stoves that come in a variety of ranges. These stoves are available in four beautiful colors silver/granite, beige/pearl white, silver /titanium & silver/garnet. Also presented are three comfort classes namely Exclusive, Klassik and Premium. These stoves use wood pellets that are cylindrical wood pieces prepared from recycled compresses saw dust. The wood pellets used as fuel in Wood Pellet stoves are easy to store and conveniently available in lumps. Such portable stove products can be installed both directly on to the roof and sidewise to a wall.

Our SEI registered Wood Pellet stoves qualify under the Green House scheme due to the eco friendly features they possess. Available with MES, these stoves come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty and a 15 years spare parts guarantee. The FireWIN Wood Pellet stoves manufactured by us are really a technological sensation and is suitable for storage at any place. Our Wood Pellet stove installation services are spread all over Ireland and all around. To know more about our sales and services feel free to visit https://www.techstore.ie/Renewable-Energy/Wood-Pellet/Wood-Pellet-Stoves.htm.